5 Critical Tasks and Services WordPress Maintenance Plan is Best For

WordPress maintenance and support entails a sizeable amount of work on your hands. It can be too much, especially when you have other important things to manage. A webmaster can do all the magic like a piece of cake. All you need to make sure is to find the best service provider that can guarantee to keep your website up and running like a pro.

First, let’s describe these two terms:

  • Maintenance

This includes WordPress updates, back-ups, security, and services on uptime monitoring operations.

  • Support

Support services are needed during website downtime, theme errors, theme modifications, plugins, and other troubleshooting processes.


The Six Must-Haves on WordPress Management Services

  • Development and Customization

The first requirement for website management is the website itself. This is best for customers who don’t have an active website yet. WordPress management service providers must be able to develop and customize websites according to their customers’ liking.

  • White-Label Program

Effective white-label solutions are needed for performance enhancements, additional website security, and covers all kinds of regular WordPress maintenance support as a background technical associate.

  • Access to Premium Plugins

These WordPress software components add easy to access features for viewers and visitors that coders place without affecting old and existing codes. Plugins such as iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro, and WP Rocket are only a few of the examples of plugins that service providers can offer.

  • Website Backups & Uptime Monitoring

Backups are essential because website downtimes are inevitable. They simply happen, usually with an apparent reason. Even so, your WordPress maintenance service provider must be able to handle these scenarios.

Monitoring uptime operations are a constant necessity for running websites. A 24/7 security surveillance on the website is the most recommendable monitoring service for your WordPress website. This is how they find out that the website needs troubleshooting or upgrades to prevent downtimes and other errors.

  • WordPress Security

A security plan will prevent your website from being hacked, receiving spam, and other various threats. Up-to-date security also performs WordPress malware removal to restore the original website operations that are free from any kind of breach.

  • SEO Audit & Optimization

A website maintenance service provider must also be able to provide an SEO audit and optimization. Their techniques and strategies work best in driving traffic to your website, which is how you earn conversions. They provide relevant keywords and work on those keywords to create engaging content that ranks your pages. This ensures that your WordPress website code is aligned with Google’s latest requirements.

Let us know how your WordPress Maintenance Plan website turns out in ensuring these maintenance services. You can also visit our website for more inquiries. Ask us today!