Top Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Package

Keep your WordPress site in tip-top shape with a WordPress maintenance package. Contrary to most belief, publishing a website is just one task among many. Making your website successful requires maintaining it especially what goes under the hood.  You’re most likely to install plugins, themes, and other customizations. However, WordPress, browsers, and even search engines are continually updating themselves. Your WordPress site needs to keep up or it won’t be viewed properly or worse, be prone to security breaches and hacks.

Hackers can do all sorts of things to your website. The worst part is that your customers are targets too. It’s your responsibility to protect your customers with regular WordPress site maintenance services.

Top Reasons Why A Website Maintenance Plan is Essential

As previously mentioned, updating your website will protect it. These are some of the common security attacks done by hackers.

  • Comment spamming
  • DDOS Attack
  • Account hacking
  • Cookie theft
  • DNS Spoofing
  • SQL Injection
  • Keylogger Injection
  • Data theft (user accounts, credit card/payment info and more)
  • Pop-ups insertion (inundated with the virus or malicious code)
  • Ransomware (holding your website hostage until you pay)


Browser Compatibility Issues

Everything on the Internet is constantly updating. Developers are constantly experimenting with ways to produce faster content, innovations like better animation, database optimization, and more. Your website must keep up with the changes for it to be displayed properly. By updating your site, it will show up on the devices of customers exactly as you intend it to look.


Page loading time is also an issue that can be addressed with a WordPress maintenance package. It is estimated that if a website takes more than 20 seconds to load, you’re going to lose the visitor. The number of viewers considerably drops if your site loads longer than 30 seconds. While the internet speed of the user plays a crucial factor in media streaming, loading a website shouldn’t require much bandwidth.


While speed is important, optimization plays another key role. Your page may load faster on browsers and mobile devices; however, a poorly optimized page will load incorrectly. Your website may have empty images, broken media players, poorly made tables and more. You’ll drive away visitors with a poorly optimized web page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another benefit of a website maintenance plan is SEO. With upgraded plugins and themes, your website can be crawled faster by search engine bots. This means you can get ranked faster and might even show up on the first page of search engine results pages.

What Maintenance Plan is Right for You?

Take the next step to a successful website. At WordPress Maintenance Plan, we make things easier for you to achieve a Rockstar website. We’ll protect your site and continuously update it to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Internet. Talk to us and let us plan things together.